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A place where I hope to share my love and expanding knowledge of coffee through photography and blog posts.

My goal is to make specialty coffee more accessible and less intimidating to everyone, no matter how you like to enjoy your coffee. Enjoying good coffee shouldn't be for the select few, I believe that it should be inviting for everyone to participate in.

I believe that specialty coffee should come with a full transparency. By this I mean that you should be able to trace every step that your bean has taken to make it into your cup. This includes the farm that the coffee was grown on, where the cherry was processed after harvest, was it purchased direct by a roaster or was a co-op importer used, was the farmer fairly paid, etc..


I'm always interested in colaborating with other creators and coffee professionals so if this is something your're interested in, let's chat!

I have certifications in Barista Hustle courses: "Barista One", "Percolation" and "Advanced Coffee Making".

Always strive to brew coffee better.




Straight forward coffee done right. Nothing convoluting the beauty of it's own flavours. Every coffee is unique and you have the right to taste that!

The Coffee Service runs every Saturday from 9am-3pm on a cup reservation basis. Pay what you can!

Coffee being served is purchased at local cafes to support those small businesses. Coffee will be on a rotation from week to week.

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An educational resource for everything coffee!

Articles cover topics from brew guides, reviews, interviews, coffee science, and more!


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