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Why Am I A Brand Affiliate?

I know this isn't the most interesting topic to cover but I think it's important. The question has come up a couple different times, "what does being an affiliate get you"? It's not necessarily a short answer, but I believe it's an answer worth addressing. So to be completely frank with you, I get a small kickback/commission from these affiliate brands when someone purchases one of their products by using a link that I have supplied. It doesn't just stop there though.

To start, I want you to know that I only promote being an affiliate/partner to brands that I personally believe in. I will never suggest a product to you that I don't think is worth your time and money. Being an affiliate will occasionally give me the opportunity to offer you discounts on some of my favourite items. For example.. recently Fellow ran their Brew Bar promotion giving a select amount of affiliates a 15% link for anything on their website. Something I am always trying to do with Brew Coffee Better is help you, that is the whole reason that I started Brew Coffee Better. I want to help and educate others in the same space as me or just getting into the specialty coffee space. One of the best ways to do that is to get some quality gear into your hands that will advance your coffee brewing all while getting a bit of a discount price. This is not to say that I will/can offer promotional prices all the time as that is up to the brand's discretion. That being said, I believe you can make fantastic coffee with inexpensive equipment and you don't need to go out and buy the best of the best just because it looks cool and everyone else is using it. I digress.

Next thing I want to discuss is what I am doing with any commission that I earn. I do not run BCB to make a profit, that was never my intent. My intent with BCB is to provide growth and approachability in the specialty coffee industry as well as increase awareness of the price crisis in the coffee supply chain. Farmers are not paid nearly enough and that can change starting with importers and green buyers, roasters, cafes and us.. we must also be prepared to spend a little bit more on our coffee in order to support this change. Any money that I have ever made from anything that I have run (including The Coffee Service) has been circulated right back into the specialty coffee industry (unless otherwise stated). So far this has been done by supporting local cafes in my area and local roasters as this is the easiest way to start making a difference.

Let's talk about who I represent affiliations for. The first affiliation agreement that I signed was for Fellow. I fully believe in the products that Fellow is producing and (if I could afford it) I would have one of everything they make. Not only do they make reliable products that are innovative, but they also are working with the community and they are doing this with their site. They have created this site as way for people to donate to cafes that might be struggling due the COVID-19 pandemic closures or precautions that it have been put in place.

The next affiliation that I agreed to was with Eight Ounce Coffee. Eight Ounce Coffee is a local Canadian wholesale and consumer supplier for everything you need related to coffee or tea. I have made more than a few purchases through Eight Ounce and their customer service has always been top notch. They are also working with Getchu Some Gear Canada that is helping support marginalized baristas.

I am currently working with David and Sophie over at Rabbit Hole Roasters to finalize a partnership/affiliation. David and Sophie are doing great things in the specialty coffee space. They don't have the "average" coffee menu that you normally see from roasters, but rather pick from much smaller lots, importers and regions that aren't as sought after. This is not to say that their coffee isn't amazing, because it is some of the best coffee in Canada. The reason they are picking coffee from smaller lots is to give those farmers a chance. If more roasters don't start purchasing from the smaller producers, those producers are going to disappear sooner rather than later and will continue to get underpaid. On top of this they also plant a tree for every order their receive, they do this with the help of One Tree Planted. They also donate to World Coffee Research to help advance the education of the coffee industry.

The most recent affiliation that I have signed is with Breville. If you want to start with home espresso, Breville is the brand to do it with. Their line of entry level home espresso machines is perfect for anyone looking to get into pulling espresso shots at home.

Last but surely not least is the most recent way that I'm hoping to help the specialty coffee industry. I now have a Patreon that you can donate towards. Each tier of donation is likely less than what you would spend during one visit to a cafe. Each tier will get you access to different things. One of the most exciting things is a coffee giveaway every month. I will start this giveaway when I have at least 5 Patreon supporters in the qualifying tiers. Check out the Patreon link for more information on that! Like everything else, all proceeds will be cycled back into the coffee industry.

TL;DR I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it to help you and help the coffee supply chain and this is a way for us (you and I) to be part of the bigger picture!

As always, if you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me with any questions you may have!



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