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What's the deal with brand collaborations?

So there's been some talk on social media lately about transparency and "influencers" receiving "free stuff" from brands and not being up front with it. I don't want that to be the case with me and I apologize if it's ever seemed that way. I want this to be my full transparency. I have learned to accept the title of influencer that has been appointed by my audience.

I want to start off by saying that I have never been paid by a brand to promote their gear. When someone sends me something, I like to think of it and consider it a collaboration between them and I. I want to try and work with them as much as possible in order to give them some sort of ROI for whatever they might send me. My other major hobby is photography and so I like to offer that in exchange. Most of the time when someone offers to send me something, I agree to post some images to my social media feed that fit with my theme. I also do my best to share a Google Drive folder with them containing the images that I taken of their product and tell them that they can feel free to use them as long as I am credited for them somewhere. A service like this is worth hundreds of dollars in the photography realm.

Getting back to that term "influencer". My goal is not to be here to influence you to do anything, that is not my agenda. My goal right from day one of this account is to educate, to share what I'm learning with you, to help you grow in your coffee journey at the same time that I am. If a company wants to send me something, I like to see that as a way to educate you, my audience, on what you might like about the equipment. I don't ever want to pressure you to buy something that I wouldn't stand behind. I will also never give a positive review of something that I don't believe in. When it comes to reviewing a product here on my blog, I will always disclose when a company has sent me said product.

If I ever direct you to a link in my bio to purchase something, that's likely an affiliate link and I've covered that in a past article, linked here. Either that or it's going to get you a discount on a product and won't give me any kickback. I do my best to look out for you!

Let's get to the part you came for.. below you will find a list of companies (not including roasters) that I have collaborated with as described above. I will continue to update this list as it may grow.

Kruve - Sifter set, Brewler

Ratio - Ratio Six Automatic Coffee Maker

Niche - Niche Zero Grinder

Ember - Ember Mug

Espro - Bloom brewer kit, P7, P0 French Press

Flair - Flair Pro 2

Aeropress - Aeropress Go

Normcore - Hand Grinder

Crema Coffee Products - Flair Distribution/Tamp tool

Varia - Hand grinder, Multi-brewer

Cafe Concetto - French Press

Orea - Brewer

Ankomn - Turn-N-Seal Vacuum canister and scoop

Soulhand - Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If this still leaves anything unclear, I'm more than happy to have a conversation with you! Feel free to hit up my DMs.

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