Brew Review: Onyx Coffee Lab

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a second bag of Onyx coffee this year! Onyx is a coffee roaster out of Arkansas, USA. Shout out to Jerney for hooking me up with this one. This bag is a washed Ethiopian, specifically Nano Genji #7, grown at an altitude of 2000masl.

Not only do I love the detailed branding that each bag has, but the coffee that it contains is absolutely amazing.

Let's get into the recipe that I prefered to use and got the best results from.

- Brewing 15g coffee to 240ml water (1:16) @ 210F

- Ground at a setting of 22 on a Baratza Encore

- Bloom with 45ml for 45 seconds (swirl to fully saturate)

- Pour the remaing amount of water needed in one long circular pour

- Aim to be done pouring around 1:20-1:30

- Gentle swirl around 1:50 to bring down any grounds stuck to the filter wall

- Right before the coffee bed is about to take a breath of air, give it another extremely gentle swirl to get that bed nice and flat.

- Drip should end right around 3:15-3:25

- Swirl your decanter to incorperate some oxygen and to cool it down a bit.

I would describe the tast of this coffee to have a high acidity with a medium body. There was a tartness to it while drinking. It felt light and crisp with subtle notes of stone fruit. It finished with a pleasant creamy, milk chocolate finish. I genuinely felt sad when I reach the bottom of my cup as I never want it to end.

Roasters recommended tasting notes include: peach, honey, dried apricot, black tea, almond.

Overall coffee score: 9.4/10

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