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Brew Review: Phil & Sebastian

Phil & Sebastian is a coffee roaster based out of Calgary, Alberta. I have always considered Phil & Seb to consistently produce some of the highest quality roasted coffee while working with some of the top producers in the world.

I've been brewing through their Benti Nenka Worasa washed Ethiopian.

Some of the notes I've recently been getting from this coffee have been floral, berry, hazelnut and caramel like sweetness.

One of my favorite recipes to use with this coffee is:

- Brewed on Origami brewer with Hario 02 filters

- 20g coffee to 320mL (1:16) @ 210F

- Ground at 24 on Encore

- Bloomed with 50ml water for :45 seconds

- Added remainder of water in single pour, ending pour at 1:19

- Gentle swirl at 1:40 to draw down stuck grounds

- Brew finished at 3:18

- Bypassed* 8.5ml of water

Roasters recommended tasting notes include: apricot, blackberry, floral

Overall coffee score: 7.6/10

* Don't know what bypassing is? That's okay, it's not the most common term to be used!

Bypassing is the act of adding additional water to your already brewed coffee to bring the strength down. This is done to reduce astringency in the drink and increase the acidity and sweetness.

Try experimenting with different levels of bypass water and see what kind of different results you get, you might be surprised!

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