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Brew Review: Shaughnessy Cafe

Shaughnessy Cafe has been open for over 3.5 years and constantly has a revolving coffee selection from some of the top roasters in Canada. Shaughnessy roasts coffee under their own brand as well. With a high level of education and QC, Shaughnessy selects a few different origins to offer under their name.

Recently I've been brewing through a bag of Ethiopian Chelelektu from them. From what I've been able to gather, this coffee tastes like a natural process Ethiopian. When brewing, I've been able to extract blueberry and other berry type flavours with occasional floral aspects coming in. I find this coffee to be medium-high acidity while providing a medium body. My personal tasting notes align quite accurately with the suggested notes of blueberry, winey and sweet - provided with the coffee.

The method I've found best to brew with is the Origami brewer with Hario 02 filters.

- Brewed 20g to 320ml of water (1:16) at 210F

- Ground it at 24 on the Encore. Bloomed with 60ml of water for 45 seconds and gave it a good swirl to fully saturate all the grounds

- I poured to the target volume relatively quickly, ending my pour at 1:30

- At 1:50 I gave it a very gentle swirl to draw down any stuck grounds

- Drip finished at 3:15.

Overall coffee score: 7.5/10

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