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Brewing Zab Ethiopian on V60

Here's a fun video I put together to show an example of how I brew on V60. Step by step instructions can be found listed after the video.

Brewing an Ethiopian coffee roasted by Zab Cafe over in Montreal, QC. Just as the bag says, I've been able to extract flavor notes of Pineapple, Bergamot and Brown Sugar. Big thanks to The Winnipeg Coffee Co. for bringing this roaster in!

The gear I used for this brew was the following

- Hario V60-02 dripper

- Hario V60-02 coffee server

- Hario V60 bleached filter

- Hario Scale

- Chefman electric goose neck kettle

- Baratza Encore electric grinder

- Wildflower Colour and Clay Mug

The brew recipe I used was the following

- 15g coffee : 240g water (1:16)

- Medium fine grind (20 on Baratza Encore)

- Bloom with 30g of water for 45 seconds

- I used a pulse pour method to reach my final weight to ensure that my brew time was where I wanted it

- Slight slurry swirl to evenly mix all grounds

- Tap the brewer to level the bed

- Brew finished off at 3:15

I hope you enjoyed briefly seeing how I brewed this coffee!

Always strive to brew coffee better!

Music Credit

Golden Days - Philip E Morris

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