Straight forward coffee done right. Nothing convoluting the beauty of it's own flavours. Every coffee is unique and you have the right to taste that!

I like to think of The Coffee Service (also seen as THE CFE SVC) as being for the community, by the community. Stay up to date on all information pertaining to The Coffee Service, following my Instagram page where all updates will be posted!

Sometimes you're at home without access to good quality coffee. Whether that be you don't normally make coffee at home, you're just out of beans right now or any other reason you might think of. Maybe specialty coffee is intimidating to you, and that's fine! I want to try and fill a bit of a gap here. I want specialty coffee to be less intimidating and more accessible to everybody.

I'm offering to brew you a cup of coffee on a pay what you can basis. At this time I will be serving all coffee in paper cups with lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do you offer The Coffee Service?

A: The Coffee Service will run on Saturdays from 9am-3pm

Q: How long can I stay for?

A: You are under no obligation to stay and chat. I'm more than happy to hand you the cup and have you on your merry way. Depending on time restrictions, I may not be available to chat! I understand that we all lead busy lives and that's part of the reason that we're here drinking coffee in the first place!

Q: How do I request a cup?

A: Your request for a coffee should be a minimum of 10 minutes before you want to pick it up (the sooner the better). Send me a message via text, Facebook, Instagram or the form at the bottom of this page to arrange this. The more time you give me, the better! I will not always be available to brew coffee for you, so I reserve the right to kindly decline/reschedule your coffee request. I do my best to have your coffee ready for handoff within 1-2 minutes from the time you requested to pick it up. The reservation slots for pick up are every 15 minutes from the top of the hour.

Q: Where do I pick it up?

A: The pick-up location is located in the St. Boniface neighborhood of Winnipeg. Once you reserve a cup the address will be provided.

Q: How much does a cup cost?

A: The Coffee Service is on a "pay what you can" basis. As long as I can pay for the bag of beans I am serving, I will continue to provide The Coffee Service. The beans are purchased for full retail from local cafes, to support them to the best of our ability.

Q: What kind of coffee are you serving?

A: A cup of coffee will be 12oz and will be brewed by-the-cup via pour-over technique using a Hario V60. All coffee being brewed is classified as "specialty" coffee and is sustainably sourced. The coffee served from weekend to weekend will normally rotate through different roasters/different coffee origins. If you have questions about what any of this means, let's chat!

I hope for this to be a casual interacation that helps get specialty coffee into your hands a little bit easier! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! I hope I see you this week!


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